A "De Smaak van Hongarije" a magyar ízeket szállítja otthonába. Ebben a webshopban magyar specialitásokat és különlegességeket lehet kapni. A termékek skálája folyamatosan bővül és még (angol és holland nyelvű) receptek is vannak.


Welcome to De Smaak van Hongarije. "De Smaak van Hongarije" means in Dutch: The Taste of Hungary. We bring the Hungarian taste to your home! In our webshop you will find all Hungarian specialties and delicacies that you are used to from Hungary.

Also have a look at the recipes page. Here is described how you can make well-known and less well-known Hungarian dishes. You will find out that the Hungarian flavors are great to combine with countless everyday dishes.

The product range is constantly being expanded with new products, continue to view the site for new Hungarian products and recipes



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